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Posted 05.12.2018
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Software Engineer (San Francisco or remote)

About us

At Sourcegraph, we are building a better, smarter foundation for software development. The innovations of the future will all rely on code. By empowering software developers today, we can bring the future sooner! You can read our master plan to learn about our mission.

Our product (code search, code intelligence, browser extensions, etc.) is open source, and is already deployed to paying customers with small and large engineering organizations across the world. Visit our homepage to learn why companies use Sourcegraph.

You can see all the progress that we have made by reading our blog, and all the exciting things that we are working on by reading our product roadmap.


In addition to competitive pay and equity, we provide many benefits to keep you happy, healthy, and productive.

About the role

You will:

  • Help build Sourcegraph, a multi-tier application (web, CLI, browser extensions, API, data stores, services) written primarily in TypeScript (frontend) and Go (backend).
  • Have the freedom to creatively tackle various CS challenges while building products and infrastructure that are fundamental to the growth and success of the business.
  • Have the opportunity to interact directly with our customers to help them deploy/configure our software, and solve issues that they encounter.
  • Plan your own work each month based on company goals and customer feedback.
  • Publish blog posts and give conference talks about your work at Sourcegraph.

As a senior member of the team, you will:

  • Help set the technical direction of various projects.
  • Mentor and teach other team members.

Take a look at our public near-term product roadmap for examples of projects you could work on at Sourcegraph.

Ideal candidates have

  • A track record of delivering high-quality products with attention to scalability and UX.
  • Strong web/JavaScript/TypeScript/Go fundamentals.
  • Experience working with APIs and distributed systems.
  • Passion for the craft of software development and good engineering practices.

Interview process

  1. You apply here.
  2. We schedule a 30 minute introductory phone call to tell you more about Sourcegraph, to share what we are looking for in a candidate, and to find out what you are looking for in your next role.
  3. We collect a code sample from one or more of the following sources:
  • We review any existing public code that you have (e.g. your own projects, or your contributions to other projects).
  • You work on a paid project with us.
  • We give you a 2 hour coding assignment to complete.
  1. We schedule a few more hours of technical and non-technical interviews. We are happy to fly you out to our San Francisco office, or conduct the remaining interviews over video chat, whatever works best for you.
  2. We check your references.
  3. We make you a job offer.

We also expect you to be interviewing us too, so ask us any questions you have along the way!

  • If you aren't ready to start interviewing, but are interested to stop by our San Francisco office to meet the team, let us know!
Take The Interview
Posted 05.12.2018