Sr. Frontend Engineer

Posted 05.12.2018
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We are looking for people that want to take on big challenges and are passionate about creating a revolutionary product in an old and boring industry where traditional players won't know what hit them. We want you to help us turn the sector on its head. BOOM!

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer.


Work hard. Play hard.

And also strong Frontend experience:

- Strong knowledge of Angular 2+ (currently on versión 6) 

- Expert knowledge of CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Ajax, NodeJS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ext JS, JqueryUI, D3/C3 js, Responsive Web Design 

- the more publications you have on Github, Bitbucket, Coderwall, the better for us to see what you've got 

- team player, experience working remotely 

- highly responsible and self-starter 

- non complacent - we want people that are hungry and passionate about making the best possible product. New ideas and initiatives are part of the job! 

- communication skills are key - if you are going to work remotely we want you to be in as much contact as possible and engaged with the rest of the team. 

- comfortable in uncertain, changing environments. This is a startup and we want people that understand the changes and decisions may be fast and need quick adopters. 

- Energy and an inclination towards solutions and "get it done" attitude. 

- English- we need to be able to communicate fluidly, we love diversity and weird accents, the important thing is that we can understand eachother! ;)

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Posted 05.12.2018