Sr. Node.js developer

Posted 13.12.2018
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We are a pre-series A company looking for senior developers with the following experience:

1) Nodejs, typescript 

2) React, Vue 

3) Postgres, ElasticSearch 

4) Many custom services

Looking for someone with specialization of full stack web developer with good knowledge of JavaScript (NERP). 

Deep understanding of PostgreSQL: how it works, experience with sql query optimization, experience with huge tables. 

Solid knowledge of NodeJs, strong and weak sides. When, why and what needed to write for minimizing the weak side of NodeJs. 

Experience with ExpressJs, middlewere, ACL, Sequelize, ORM, migration. 

Experience with React, Redux, Saga, and VueJS. 

Experience with webpack, knowledge of Linters. 

Skills with ES6/7 

Also, experience working with 3rd party services.

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Posted 13.12.2018