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Posted 13.12.2018
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We have a Vue.js web app that leadership teams use to plan, communicate, and track their yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. We also have a Quasar/Vue.js mobile app that leaders use to track progress on their goals and on productivity habits. Both use Vuex and sync with our API.

We're looking for a developer who:

  • is proficient with Vue.js and Vuex (mid-level to senior). Guru not required, but you need to know your stuff.
  • is interested in working on a web and a mobile (Quasar) app and working to eventually combine them into one Quasar PWA. Quasar experience not necessarily required.
  • writes clean, understandable, DRY code that is easy to refactor later.
  • wants to collaborate with our small team of excellent, freelance devs (one Vue.js and one Rails).
  • is comfortable with our tools: Trello and GitHub.
  • is looking for a long-term, part-time, remote engagement.
  • able to work on the project 5-10 hours/week (just on average -- full flexibility week to week)

This job is 100% remote and your location doesn't matter. However, some overlap with PST business hours would be ideal. Solid English is required.

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Posted 13.12.2018