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Posted 03.02.2019
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We believe the web is better when more people are making it. Universe is built to empower everyone to create their own home on the internet.

We're looking for a Web developer to help accelerate our mission. You'll focus on frontend development but you'll take on tasks throughout the stack. You'll expand our renderer: adding support for new blocks types, more complex layouts, and more customizations for each block. You will help build infrastructure that supports custom domains, per site metadata, and unlimited pages all invisible to our creators. You'll help maintain our node.js APIs behind the scenes. And you will expand our browser support coverage.

Our renderer is a server side React app using Next.js. Our APIs are currently written in Node.js. We support a wide range of block types and customizations from users so we are building a system more than just an app. Strong skills of the basics in HTML and CSS necessary along with the ability to write clean React code that can handle a lot of inputs. The renderer is all about hiding the complexity of each website our creators design so all they see is a beautiful representation of their creation.

This is a full time position and 100% remote. Experience working remotely is definitely a bonus. We offer health benefits and generous vacation because everyone needs to recharge their batteries.

We're looking for someone sharp, internally-driven, and passionate about building powerful tools for everyone.

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Posted 03.02.2019