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Posted 20.02.2019
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LIV is looking for a confident, experienced engineer looking to share their chops with a small, passionate team to create the best possible VR spectator experience.

You'll be working on software that has a very strong community following, where you'll be able to directly observe the impact of your craft. We'll expect you to take immense pride in the work you do, and keenly strive to learn and grow with us.

We're looking for a web engineer that can fill a lot of shoes.


  • Lead our development efforts on the web, both on the client-side and back-end; 
  • Design & implement overall system architecture for scalable multiplayer interactions; 
  • Lay the groundwork for a team to grow around your efforts; 
  • Implement a secure payment processing system.

Quest Prerequisites: 

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills. 

(You need to be able to both give, and take critical feedback without ego.)

  • Commitment to ongoing code quality maintenance & documentation. 

(If it's broken, throw it out and do better.)

  • Two or more years of professional working experience.
  • To be highly self-disciplined & directed.
  • Proficiency with source control. 

(May your commits be small and frequent.)

  • Experience building payment platforms and the security concerns they come with. 

(Make sure our platform doesn't get ganked.)

  • Confidence with Node.JS and its ecosystem. 

(Knowing where to go when a package doesn't work.)

  • A deep understanding of browser technologies. 

(We're talking lower level than <popular MV framework>.)*

  • Be passionate about virtual reality.


  • Experience with WebGL or OpenGL. 
  • Experience with desktop development; WPF or Unreal/Unity.
  • Have a degree related to computer science.
  • Have a portfolio of work that we can nose through.
  • Come from a background of bulletin boards, forums and communities.
  • Play lots of any kind of games. Board games, VR games, tabletop RPGs, anything.
  • Own a VR headset.
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Posted 20.02.2019