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Remote Web Developers

We provide verified Angular, React.js, Node.js, Python and Java developers who will work remotely as a strong part of your team on a full-time basis. This approach is much more affordable for your business, compared with a hiring process of a new employee and more reliable than using unverified freelancer’s services.

Transparent reporting

We have all our developers' activities tracked and recorded, so we are ready to provide all the necessary reports to our clients. You can see what's happening using real-time screenshots taken by tracking tools which we will provide. You can also have them reporting using your favorite task manager tool.

Clear communication

There is no middleman who gets in the way of your communication with the developer. There is nothing between you and our technical experts. Also, we test English skills of all our developers and confirm that their level is not lower than Intermediate.

Web Developers

Vitalii Z.

Full-Stack Developer

hire Vitalii

For the latest five years, Vitalii has been professionally doing web development using JavaScript as the main language for writing apps, as well as such popular frameworks as React, D3, Meteor, Express.js, etc. He likes big and complex projects where he can learn something new working with high-class professional. He is also a perfect individual worker who can develop your project on his own. You can always expect clear communication and a high-quality coding cooperating with him.

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Vitalii Z.

Denis N.

Full-Stack Developer

hire Denis

Den is a Full-Stack web developer who has been professionally doing web development since 2007 and had gained great experience in both front-end and back-end tasks. He specializes in working with React/Redux, D3 Node.js and Django frameworks. He has participated in a number of big and challenging projects.You can always count on the high productiveness of his work.

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Denis N.

Stepan Z.

Full-Stack Developer

hire Stepan

Over 4 years of developing experience. Stepan is a bachelor of software development. He works with JavaScript, in particular – with MEAN Stack, React, Node.js and D3. Stepan participated in building complex web apps, CRM systems, and extensions for them, plugins for Google Chrome, etc. Fluent in English.

Excellent problem solver and a team player. Knows a lot about OOP and FP, software design patterns and application architecture. He will always come up with the right idea. 

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Stepan Z.


Only the best talents

All freelancers are hand-picked.

There are 4 stages of testing each of us passed:

- CV review

- English language skill testing

- online professional skills testing

- final interview 

We care about our reputation and provide only the best result

Zero risk

Our developers are the best, that is the fact for us. Not so sure? Try to work with one of us up to one week. You do not even have to pay if you are not satisfied with outcomes - yes, we are this confident in our skills!

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Client Reviews

Jul 2017 – Mar 2018
Support Logic
Platform for Servers Administration

Soshace was professional and reliable, operating as an extended employee rather than a contractor. The team successfully translated complex ideas and accurately improvis...

Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
Jun 2017 – Apr 2018
Early Phase Well Planner

The developer produces beyond expectations, providing a broad range of skills and talent. Highly engaged and driven, he helps make the team more prolific. Fulfilling all...

 Konstantin Pakshaev
Mar 2017 – Mar 2018
Freelance Marketplace

Delivering high-quality work with minimal bugs, the developer is a strong asset. His strong capabilities in web development, expertise, and efficiency make him a desirab...

 Subroto Sanyal
May 2017 – Aug 2018
Sales AI assistant for reps

Soshace provides a straightforward experience wherein minimal communication results in high-quality outputs and reliable code. They consistently meet or exceed deadlines.


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