Soshace Becomes an Informational Partner of NodeUkraine 2019

Conference NodeUkraine 2019. Masters of code

Conference NodeUkraine 2019. Masters of Code

If you’re interested in programming in Node.js, then the Conference NodeUkraine 2019 is a must visit!

The first conference took place in Odessa in September, the second one happens in Kiev May 17-18, 2019. NodeUkraine’s mission is to gather a great community of Node.js experts from Ukraine and other countries.

What is NodeUkraine:

  • 1-day conference
  • 2 tracks of talks
  • more than 15 presentations in Russian/Ukrainian/English from national and international speakers
  • amazing ‘soft skills’ development pre-party

Follow the links below to learn more:




Promo-code (10% discount): soshace@nodeukraine


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