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Let us say a few words about our team. We do JavaScript project, and we doing them well.

We believe, that working on a Web projects it so important to maximize productivity and increase the speed of your app, but also, reduce the development time, to show your results in a short period.

We can say, that in our experience, investors always want to have a baby-born project in a few months, no matter what kind complexity it is. It always happens seems an Agile development principle had demonstrated its viability. In this case, it is always important to try and learn new technologies to improve UI/UX of our web/mobile apps, and provide good working/looking results ASAP, implementing the best practices.

Since then, this became one of the first principles of our team:
– You have to increase and deepen your knowledge.
What it means? We educate our developers, helping them to fill the gaps in knowledge about a particular framework/technology, increasing their value for our customers. We pay for the education of our employees, adhering to the principle: «Cadres determines everything».

This principle also helps us to provide clean code for our customers and be proud of work we’ve done.
We try to be on the wave of new, growing or most evolved technologies providing the best possible solutions to date. We also believe that motivated and educable team of professionals in their field can do the proper job and change the World a bit.

We always happy to work with new costumers and projects because every time we start one, we open a little universe that moving us to some new heights that we’ve never seen before.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our website soshace.com

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