Frequently Asked Questions from Customers

Where are you located?

Soshace is a young and energetic company with headquarters in Saint Petersburg, FL. However, we are hiring globally and not focused on a specific location.

Do you offer remote or local devs?

We offer both remote and on-site developers. While our initial focus is remote developers and remote work culture, we are ready to initiate an exclusive search for you if you have specific needs for local developers to work from your office. It takes a bit more time than searching for remote talents, but the high quality of selection and affordable prices are guaranteed.

Is there any commission?

The commission for customer contracts is 10% (since September 2020).

Can we test a developer before starting the work with him?

Absolutely. You can test all the required skills during a general or technical interview with a developer. You can also agree on a test task with a developer if it is no more than 1-4 hours to implement. Moreover, after signing an agreement with us and a developer. You will have 40 test hours to define whether he/she is the right fit. If you think it is not quite the right candidate, we will offer you other options and you won’t have to pay for the hours worked.

What if we want to work directly with a developer?

We have a “buyout” option for those clients who decide they are confident in a developer enough and ready to switch to a direct contract with him. The buyout (or recruiting) fee is 10% of the dev’s one-year-development cost. The one-year development cost is calculated by multiplying a developer’s hourly rate by 1920 hours.

How do you check your developers?

There are 5 steps of the selection process:
– CV review;
– Soft/hard online skills test;
– Technical interview;
– Collecting portfolio;
– Getting feedbacks.

How many hours a dev can work per day/week?

It depends on your requirements. Most of our developers are available 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. If there are extra urgent tasks to deliver (tough startup deadlines, we know), you can ask a developer to work some extra hours if he is okay with that.

In case you need a part-time developer, we have some options to offer. Standardly it is 20 hours/week with flexible daily hours.

How many hours will a developer work in my business hours?

It depends on yours and a developer’s location. But don’t worry, even if you are residing on the breezy West Coast shore and a developer is in Europe, there is always a minimum of 3 hours of overlap so you can have a daily call, discuss updates, etc.

Is any agreement needed or we can start right away?

The agreement is needed. First of all, it helps you to get guaranteed the development will be kept in an effective and safe way. Your intellectual property and codebase will be protected. Moreover, the agreement needed for developers to get their payments legally.

We made our best to keep the agreements short, comprehensive and satisfying any law system.

Should I pay buyout if I just hire a developer through you?

Nope. The buyout fee is only paid if you would like to hire a developer directly, without Soshace as a mediator. In this case, you won’t have to pay the Soshace fee hourly. You will have a direct: agreement with a developer on terms you agree with him: it is either an employment agreement with a fixed salary or a contractor’s agreement with hourly billing.

Why do we get so many docs from you?

After starting the work with a developer, you will get the agent’s reports and development certificates for each reporting period (standardly twice a month).

The agent’s reports will be sent to your email; those are informative files that contain the full report on the hours worked by a developer within the period, the amount a developer earned and the amount of Soshace’s fee. By this, we are striving to make the billing transparent and clear.

The development certificates will be sent to you via DocuSign, so they should be signed by you. The certificates also contain information on the development services provided by developers and the hours they worked. This certificate serves as a confirmation of acceptance of the developer’s services, that’s why it is to be signed by you. Also, developers need it for their tax services to make the payments they get legal.

How often do we pay? How much time do we need to pay for an invoice?

The invoices for the development are sent twice a month for the following reporting periods: from the 1st through the 15th day and from 16th through the last day of the month in which the services were provided.

A client has 3 calendar days to approve the invoices and 7 calendar days to make the payment, so it is 10 calendar days total when the money should come to Soshace’ account.

Can we pay with a card? Via online services?

For now, we accept only bank wire transfers.

What happens with the deposit if we decline a dev?

If you decide you wouldn’t like to continue with a developer after the 40-hours test period and you provide us with the substantiated rejection form on the developer, we offer another developer who is going to be a better match (based on your comments to the previous developer), or refunds the deposit amount to your bank account.

Can you provide a substitute if we decline a dev? How soon?

Yes, we can!

We offer another developer who is going to be a better match (based on your comments to the previous developer). The period for providing the replacement depends on skills and other requirements for a developer. Standardly, we offer a few candidacies for a replacement within 1 or 2 weeks for remote positions.

Can we work on a project basis and pay after the project is completed?

No. We work on an hourly-based billing only. It gives a customer the flexibility to bring changes to an existing project and only pay for hours actually worked by a developer (we use time-tracker for this).
The payments for the hours worked are to be done twice a month (See Question 12). Prepayment for services is also available upon request.

Do you work for equity?

As an agency, we are responsible for paying for the hours worked to the developers, so the equity schema doesn’t work for us. We can work with hourly billing only.

Do you accept cryptocurrency?

No. Although we love new trends too, we still can accept payments in USD and EUR only, sorry, no crypto.

How do I know how many hours a dev worked?

We use time trackers to track the hours worked by a developer. Standardly, it is Hubstaff tracker. It allows a developer to keep a record of hours worked on a project and of the activity during the work. A customer is invited to the tracker to check the info at any moment (it is free for a customer). The billing is based on the tracker data (See Question 12 for more Billing info).

Can we work without a tracker?

No. As we work on an hourly-based billing, time-tracking is mandatory for each project. Also, this serves as a confirmation of the developer’s work and base for services cost calculation when creating an invoice for a reporting period.
If you prefer your developer to work without using a tracking application, you can hire them directly with us (See Question 5) and then work on any terms you agree with a particular developer.

How do you protect our Intellectual property?

We do care about the Intellectual Property protection of our clients! We have included to the Agency Agreement that all copyright and exclusive rights to the deliverables will belong to the customer.

Do you agree to sign the NDA?

Since we provide recruitment services, not development services, we will not have access to your project’s codebase. The NDA can be concluded directly with the developer if such an agreement does not contradict our аgency agreements.

Do your agreements comply with GDPR?

Yes, our agreements were designed and scrupulously checked by our legal team so that they comply both with the EU General Data Protection Regulation law (GDPR). You won’t have any legal issues with data processing when working with us if your company is registered in the EU.

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