Interview with Leonid

Full Stack JavaScript Developer at Soshace team

Hi. My name is Leo and I’m a full stack javascript developer from Vladivostok, Russia.
Being a computer programmer was my dream since I was in middle school and for the last five years I’m living my dream working as a professional web developer.
For developing web applications I prefer using my favorite library react.js with redux.
I also have a solid experience working with html5, css3, bootstrap and jquery.
For the back end of my applications I use express.js and MongoDB with mongoose.
I’m keeping up with the time and learning new technologies which could help me build better products for my clients.
My main priorities are writing clean optimized code, meeting deadlines and leave my clients satisfied with my work.
If you need a javascript developer, feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your time and have a good day!

We are looking forward to meeting you on our website


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