Interview with Viktor

Hello! My name is Viktor. I am a Senior full-stack Web developer.

I’ve been doing Web development for the last 10 years working with customers from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Ukraine and Russia. I have a huge expertise in complicated client-side development using Angular/Angular 2.  I am a tough back-end developer too. For this purpose, I use Node.js and PHP frameworks such as Express/Koa, Meteor, Zend Framework, Yii2, Silex and Symfony2. For mobile development, I use PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic frameworks.

I will be happy to start working on your project and begin new challenging tasks. Ready to become a part of a big team or develop your project individually. You’ll get trusted and responsible developer, who will implement best-known practices providing high-quality code. You can always expect clear communication and great results working with me. If you need a tough professional and not just another junior developer, hiring me will be the right choice!

Looking forward to seeing your offers. See you soon, bye!

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