Soshace became a media partner of Running Remote Conference 2020

Learn to Build & Scale Your Remote Team: Running Remote Conference 2020

20-21 April 2020, Etter-Harbin Alumni center, Austin, USA

If you are serious about managing remote teams, this event is for you. Running Remote is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize the very next day to manage and grow your distributed team.

Running Remote’s  mission is to provide the education and tools that founders & professionals need to succeed in the future of work. This is a gathering of leaders who will share everything they’ve learnt running a remote-first organisation.

Running Remote 2019 had 26 speakers, 20 sponsors, 80 partners and 413 attendees from 46 countries. 57% of attendees were CEO’s/Founders/VP’s coming primarily from SaaS, consulting, web & app dev, and e-commerce.

In a post-event survey, 54% said that conference exceeded their expectations, and three out of four would recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Since 2018 the number of attendees has grown twice. When polled 75% of the attendees said they’d  like to come back.

2020 lineup is still being finalized, but it already looks amazing:

  • Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, a workflow automation tool used by over four million of people;
  • John Eckman, CEO of 10up, a distributed digital agency with 175 remote workers;
  • Sally Thornton, Founder of Forshay;
  • Andy Tryba, CEO of Crossover & Sococo;
  • Andreas Klinger, the Head of Remote at AngelList, the leading platform for startups;
  • Sara Sutton, CEO of FLexJobs, an award-winning, innovative remote career web platform, and the winner of a Young Global Leader nomination by the World Economic Forum in 2014;
  • Rachel Russell, Flexible Work Lead at Microsoft;
  • Matthew Kepnes, Founder of, one of the pioneers of the digital nomad movement;
  • Lori McLeese, the Global Head of HR at Automatic Inc. with over 900 team members in 70 countries;
  • Dan Martell, Founder of SaasAcademy, the leading coach of high-performing SaaS founders;
  • Tara Vasdani, the Founder of Remote Law Canada, nominated for Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in 2018 and 2019;
  • Morgan Legge, Director of Operations at, a website personalization service that is based on Holacracy framework;

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