Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Now Belong To Soshace

Soshace recognized as a Freelance Platforms Rising Star by the FinancesOnline Directory

Since its very first appearance on the market, Soshace has strived to go the extra mile to provide its clients with efficient and trustworthy web development professionals alongside a pool of well-designed, transparent reporting capabilities. Recognizing our efforts, reputable directory for small business software FinancesOnline gave Soshace its Great User Experience and Rising Star distinctions for 2017.

The Great User Experience recognition for biggest freelance platforms is awarded to software systems that are intuitive and user-friendly. Similarly, the Rising Star distinction is given to solutions that have won the hearts of users due to its efficiency. In their review, the team of experts described in detail why Soshace was deserving of these two awards.

According to FinancesOnline’s experts, “each developer from Soshace have met and satisfied stringent quality standards along with numerous programming tests and interviews and has displayed extensive knowledge and experience in stack.” Additionally, each of our well-articulate professionals are “high highly proficient” in Angular 2/4, React.js, and Node.js.

To comply with customers’ appreciation of absolute development transparency, we’ve created a solution that provides just the right features needed to track and record development activities. This includes real-time screenshots, client programming, time tracking, adaptive coding, and server programming. Tapping our professionals is also hassle-free because our clients can directly contact them without going through any middleman.

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