Work With the Customer

It is necessary to pay attention to:

1) Politeness
When corresponding and communicating, be polite and welcoming. It will help to maintain long-term relations with the customer.

2) English
Check what you write. Mind the tenses and forms. Check in or ask colleagues for help. The style and spelling of your writing form the impression of you and your team as a whole. You can agree that the phrase “I work Java scrpt, me have large experience work” sounds ridiculous. Our customer reads the same when you forget about tenses and forms of verbs.

3) Requirements of the Customer.
Treat the customer’s requirements as attentively as possible. Ifyoudonotunderstand something, ask more questions. It often happens that thecustomer merely forgets to mention some important details. Herewith, he has a full idea how it should look like and work. And you don’t. Our task is to do ourbest for the result of our work to be as close to the customer’s expectations aspossible.

4) Again the Customer’s Requirements.
The reverse situation of clause 3 is when the customer only approximately understands how the features must function. In this case it is possible to offer your variants. Herewith, it is necessary to write and spell out everything.

5) One more time about the customer’s requirements. Summarizing clauses 3 and 4, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to describe the requirements in as many details as possible for the customer not to have an opportunity to manipulate in thefuture. Indistinct and weakly concretized tasks give the customer theopportunity for the flight of fancy. 

6) Make sure that the selected technology stack allows to implement all required features. For example, it is quite difficult to make an adequate mobile application on PhoneGap due to the limited functionality of the latter. Or it can be quite problematic to organize joint work of React.js and the library that directly works with DOM. Before accepting the order, it must be analyzed.

7) Terms. All customers are interested in the terms and of course the price of the work. Inorder to correctly define the terms, followthese recommendations.

8) The Customer’s Discontent.
Some discrepancies with the customer occur rather often. It is not important whose fault it is. In this situation we must make concessions because a bad testimonial about the performed work can make serious harm to the team. Our reputation isextremely important for us! It is better to return the money to the customer andperform a part of the work at our expense and thereby do our best forthecustomer’s testimonial to be positive. If you see that the customer isnotsatisfied by anything, at once contact the manager or project executive.

9) The Customer’s Rudeness and Impudence.
Things happen but we have no right to response in the same manner. If there issuch a situation, contact the manager or the director. The problem must besettled amicably.

10) Punctuality.

If the meeting was appointed to the exact time, be ready earlier. Before the meeting it is better to ask whether the customer can start at the specified time.

Before appointing the meeting, it is necessary to take into account the difference in time zones. For example, if your time is 3.00 p.m., it is quite possible that the customer’s time is 2.00 a.m. – deep night.

11) If the customer asks to perform additional work within one project, every new feature must be estimated separately.

12) Tracker record. If the order has already been received and the work has started, the correspondence, communication and search for information on the project must be taken into account when recording tracker time. Herewith, it is necessary toinform the customer about it.

13) Only Our Technologies Stack!

It is worth following only our technologies stack. If the customer asks todosomething, for example, on PHP, it must be discussed with the manager. Even if you are sure that you can create the feature on Python / Java / C++, etc., think about other members of the team. It is likely that in the future they will also have to support this project.

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