Fortune 500 top hiring trends in 2019. How big corporations hire top talents?

How fortune 500 companies hire top talents

How fortune 500 companies hire top talents

Fortune 500 companies are always in real need of talents and new specialists. They are always headhunting,  even at career fairs for Ivy League students 6-8 months before they complete their degrees in order to keep a steady flow of Ivy League recruits. To hire the best talents from top universities American top companies, compete with each other to become a “platinum” member of the career services program run by the top U.S. universities and to get a chance to have the first interview with a potential candidate.

Behavioral or traditional Interview?

Fortune 500 companies prefer Behavioral Interviews (BI) and questions starting with “Tell me about a time when…” Such interview (BI) is considered to be one of the mostly efficient and effective kind of job interview, from the fortune 500 recruiter prospective, because they provide much more information about a candidate than a traditional one. It helps to identify a candidates personality and can show how a candidate will perform if hired for the position.

Fortune 500 job interview

Fortune 500 job interview

At traditional interviews, recruiters are asking direct questions about past experience, skills, and education without modeling typical situations which candidates can face at the new job.

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If a traditional angular developer interview question sounds like: “Did you ever work with angular js (angular.js) or angularjs 2 frameworks?”, the behavioral question would sound like: “ Tell me about a time you worked with angular 2 (angular 2.0) framework. What is angular or what is angularjs? Did you have any problem at hand, and how did you resolve the issue.”

To succeed in a behavioral interview a candidate should try to give as much information as possible.

Using pre-hiring assessment and testing at the fortune 500 companies

Experience shows that modern pre-hiring assessment technologies save a lot of time and are more efficient than the basic traditional interview methods.

Pre-hiring assessment allows to check whether a candidate included accurate or false information in his/her cv.

Fortune 500 Pre-hiring assessments and tests

Fortune 500 Pre-hiring assessments and tests

Fortune 500 companies became pioneers in this field. About 90% of all fortune 500 companies are using computer- and paper-based pre-employment testing in their recruitment strategies. In most cases they hire special agencies for the pre-employment tests. This approach allows them to save time on cv reviewing (screening) and interview conducting. It provides much better understanding of the potential candidate’s skills, his/her weaknesses and strengths, ability to be a team player. We expect fortune 500 companies to continue use pre-hiring assessments and tests in 2019.

Psychometric numerical tests used in the Fortune 500 recruitment

Over 85% of fortune 500 companies are using psychometric testing as one of the initial stages of recruiting. Psychometric testing is a measurement of the mind, which allows to gain a better understanding of a candidate’s personality,  innate talents and abilities. This test is always being used as a component of a wider, more integrated candidates interviewing.

Nowadays psychometric tests are computer-based and are easy to use, that measures critical reasoning, motivation, intelligence, personality, leadership and team-player skills.

fortune 500 psychometric numerical tests

Fortune 500 psychometric numerical tests

Most popular among them are numerical reasoning assessment and situation judgement tests. Numerical reasoning tests show the ability of a candidate to analyse and interpret logical conclusions based on numerical data. Companies like Ford Motor and JPMorgan are actively using such tests. Situational judgment tests measure an applicant’s ability to face difficult situations. KPMG and Bank of America are using such tests as a part of their recruiting routine.

How do fortune 500 companies do their reference check?

Fortune 500 companies are notorious for their thorough recruiting processes. All of them are doing reference and criminal background checks and some of them like Apple, GE and Wal-Mart even drug tests upon an offer of employment.

Fortune 500 criminal background check, reference check and drug tests

Fortune 500 criminal background check, reference check and drug tests

Small and medium business sometimes skip such checks because they think it makes them more flexible and quick in decisions, although in such cases they don’t realize the costs of bad hires and mistakes. Fortune 500 companies are hiring hundreds of employees at a time and they understand that mistakes in recruiting can cause big losses. Due to that fact they allocate time and money on their candidates checks. How do they do that? Fortune 500 companies automate all business processes and candidates background check is not an exception. For such checks they are using software like Checkster, which provides structured and relevant information on the candidates from a variety of sources.

If you want to learn more about top hiring trends read our articles  How fortune 500 companies attract top talents? and Fortune 500 top hiring trends 2019: Virtual Workforce.

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