Soshace is looking for Independent IT Agents

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Soshace is a young and energetic company with headquarters in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We provide highly professional remote software developers to companies all over the world. Our values are the driving force behind everything we do. We have become a reliable and permanent source of highly qualified IT-specialists for many clients. Our stack is JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Currently, we are looking for Independent Agents to become our distributors. Let’s grow together!

Your role:We are interested in getting leads from potential clients for long-term, full-time remote projects. You are going to be paid your Agent’s fee for opened contracts throughout the developer’s work on the project. The Agent is entitled to set the amount of the hourly fee for his services on a project by himself. If you know some companies who would like to hire remote developers in this stack, we will be happy to collaborate with you!


  • Simple and transparent reward system;
  • Access to the top-notch developers base;
  • 100% remote work;
  • Flexible hours;
  • Free training with Soshace managers;


  • IT background;
  • Experience as a Sales manager, IT recruiter or in any related area;
  • Your own database/network of potential customers;
  • Excellent communicative skills and attention to detail;

Please note that this proposal does not provide the establishment of an employment relationship between the parties.

If you are seeking to become a partner of a friendly, fast-paced and ambitious team, please send your cover letters and success cases to

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