Web Development Newsletters: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular Email Newsletters

Web Development Newsletters: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular Email Newsletters

Web Development Newsletters: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular Email Newsletters

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best email newsletters centered around JavaScript and related frameworks. This article was born thanks to the following thread on Twitter, where people within the JavaScript community shared their favorite newsletters. If you’re interested in more than just JavaScript, but other languages and respective technologies, I’d advise you check out the following GitHub repo from Dmitry Zudochkin, who took his time to compile an excellent list of all possible web development email newsletters. Let’s get started.

JS Weekly

Website: https://javascriptweekly.com/
Twitter: Publisher of several newsletters Cooperpress (twitter JavaScriptDaily)
Main focus: JavaScript and related frameworks

Brief description: a weekly newsletter on all things JavaScript, latest trends, breaking news, tricks, tips, opinions, and more.

The newsletter doesn’t seem to have its own twitter, but you can check JavaScript Daily’s twitter from the same publisher.

The JS Weekly newsletter has the latest articles on JavaScript, the list of advertised jobs available for JavaScript developers, featured tutorials and opinions shared by fellow programmers, and a selection of recommended tools. The latest edition had articles on Svelte 3, Node.js 12 and React App 3.0 release, and useful JavaScript Tricks.

In the community, everyone seems to swear by this newsletter, so it’s definitely worth checking it out and subscribing.

Sid.Studio Newsletter

Website: Sid.Studio
Creators: Sid
Main focus: JavaScript, React, programming life

Brief description: Sid, whom I interviewed a while go for Hacker Noon, is an independent freelance developer, who’s now concentrated on building educational games, like the one on React Hook, namely React.Games. Sid has two newsletters, one is called TinyReact email, which we’ll talk about in a moment, and the other one – Sid.Studio, a broader newsletter covering multiple subjects across JavaScript universe. In the latest issues, Sid talked about finding a job with no experience, starting in programming life from scratch, speaking at the conferences, as well as rethinking the component model with Hooks, props, design systems, and many more.

TinyReact Email

Website: https://tinyreact.email/
Creators: Sid
Main focus: React

Brief description: This is another newsletter by Sid, which he has only recently started, that’s fully focused on React and nothing else. In the latest issues, he talked about React App 3.0, React Hooks (which seems to be Sid’s favorite topic), and design systems. He doesn’t always write himself, on the contrary, he provides links to talks by others, as well as shares interesting and important articles on the subject.

Tyler McGinnis Newsletter

Website: tylermcginnis.com/newsletter
Creators: Tyler McGinnis
Main focus: JavaScript, React

Brief description: Tyler McGinnis has some advanced courses and sends a weekly newsletter on JavaScript and React. He also regularly blogs on his website. The latest articles were dedicated to code splitting with React and React Router, JavaScript Inheritance, and Composition, etc.

Kent C. Dodds Newsletter

Website: kentcdodds.com/subscribe
Creators: Kent C. Dodds
Main focus: JavaScript

Brief description: Kent C. Dodds is a renowned JavaScript software engineer and teacher. Kent mainly focuses on JavaScript for the frontend and Node for the backend. He also writes about React, Testing, tooling, Babel, and occasionally gives career advice and tips on building better software. Kent also blogs and tweets regularly. He also organizes workshops on JavaScript, React, and testing.

Chris Biscardi Newsletter

Website: christopherbiscardi.com/posts/
Creators: Chris Biscardi
Main focus: Gatsby, UX, GraphQL

Brief description: Chris mainly blogs about everything related to Gatsby and responsive design, as well as yarn workspaces, JavaScript, React, CSS, MDX, and more.

Front End Focused

Website: frontendfocus.co
Twitter: Publisher of several newsletters Cooperpress
Main focus: everything frontend

Brief description: This is a broader email newsletter, covering everything related to frontend development, from getting a website to load faster, to CSS, JavaScript frameworks, redesign, debugging, and more. The latest issue was about Resource Hints, effective way for devs to help the browser keep pages fast, creating an aspect ratio CSS utility, news from frontend development universe, and more. Just like in JavaScript weekly, there’re tutorials, tools, and there’s also a section for upcoming events and conferences in the field.

Wes Bos newsletter

Website: https://wesbos.com/
Creators: Wes Bos
Main focus: JavaScript and frameworks

Brief description: Wes Bos, the host of the show SyntaxFm, which we covered in our podcast series, is also a developer, designer, teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has multiple text and video tutorials on React, Node, JavaScript, CSS, Flexbox, Redux, and more. You can subscribe for JavaScript 30, a challenge newsletter aimed at beginner and intermediate developers, who’d like to become comfortable with JavaScript basics and working in the DOM without a library. Besides, it costs literally zero dollars and you’ll get all the 30 tutorials and 30 days of starter files. He also has websites for each different course for developers, among those are ES6.io, LearnNode.com, ReactForBeginners.com.

Daily: Curated Dev News

Website: Dailynow.co
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dailynowco
Main focus: everything from JavaScript to machine learning

Brief description: this is not exactly a newsletter per se, rather it’s a browser extension where you pick up hashtags of technologies you’re interested in and receive daily curated news just by clicking on an extension in your browser. All articles are gleaned from various Medium publications, as well as dev.to Actually, having browsed through some of the suggested articles, I found many interesting and helpful things, not to mention people who write all the stuff.

Vue.js Developers

Website: https://vuejsdevelopers.com/newsletter
Twitter: @vuejsdevelopers
Creators: Anthony Gore
Main focus: Vue.js

Brief description: The blog along with its corresponding newsletter aims to help web professionals level up their skills and expertise of Vue.js. There are a number of video courses, tutorials, regular updates on anything that happens in Vue community. The recent issue of the newsletter covered such topics as debugging templates in Vue.js, testing a Vue App with Jest and Travis CI, handling dialogs with Vue Router, and more.


Website: vuedose.tips
Twitter: @VueDose
Creators: Alex Jover Morales
Main focus: Vue

Brief description: Created by Alex Jover, Vue Community Partner, and Google Dev Expert, who’s very experienced in building web apps, training, and consulting web developers. Alex is also an author of the book called Testing Vue.js components with Jest, as well as a teacher and author of several courses and articles on egghead.io and alligator.io. Every week Alex sends you tips on Vue ecosystem, news and valuable tips and tricks to save you time, so that you don’t have to search for it anywhere else, but your mailbox.

React status

Website: https://react.statuscode.com/
Twitter: publisher of several newsletters Cooperpress
Main focus: React

Brief description: Just like with any other newsletters from Cooperpress, there’re the latest articles on the subject, a job board, tutorials, and recommended tools. Issue 135, which was out April 24, featured articles on Application State Management with React, React.js Boilerplate 4.0, etc. If you’re into the events and conferences happening in React, then this newsletter covers them as well.

Node weekly

Website: https://nodeweekly.com
Twitter: publisher of several newsletters Cooperpress
Main focus: Node

Brief description: The same style and content as in other Cooperpress publications, meaning there are articles, jobs, tutorials, and tooling. The latest issue was about Node.js 12, Node 12’s New Experimental ES Modules Support, creating a new ‘open registry’ from npm packages, and the JavaScript engine’s pre-parsing functionality.

Pony Foo

Website: https://ponyfoo.com/
Twitter: @PonyFoo
Creators: Nicolás Bevacqua
Main focus: open web, JavaScript

Brief description: Nicolas is a consultant, speaker, author of JavaScript Application Design, blogger, and open-source evangelist. Every week, Nicolas writes an email featuring everything that happened for the past week, highlighting new features in JavaScript, leveraging web performance optimization, progressive enhancement, improving quality in an application and modular design. In a recent issue, he covers Svelte 3, React Memoize Hooks, controlled components in React, Vue.js errors, and Honeybadger, as well as shares some tips on procrastination or better say, how to avoid it.


Website: echojs.com
Twitter: @EchoJS
Creators: Frederic Cambus
Main focus: JavaScript news

Brief description: EchoJS is a news aggregator about JavaScript from everywhere on the internet, including Medium publications, personal websites, GitHub, and other tech publications like TechCrunch, codedaily.io, and others.

Flavio Copes Newsletter

Website: https://flaviocopes.com
Creators: Flavio Copes
Main focus: JavaScript

Brief description: Flavio writes tutorials on JavaScript and has a bunch of free handbooks on various technologies, like React, Vue, Node, Express, CSS, and more. Every week he sends out an email about a particular topic on web development or JavaScript. The latest issues were about CSS Attribute Selectors, JavaScript Assignment Operators, the Object toString() method, and many more. It seems like he’s blogging every day, but don’t worry the newsletter is only once a week 😉

Official Vue.js News

Website: News.vuejs.org
Twitter: Official Vue.js News
Creators: Damian Dulisz, Gregg Pollack, Adam Jahr
Main focus: Vue

Brief description: The Vue.js News project is an official news source on Vue.js library, and surrounding topics and issues. The aim of the project is to provide information that will help developers grow, learn, and succeed in their careers while using the latest Vue.js techniques and tools. You’ll read everything from who joins Vue core team, news within the community, to extensive tutorials on using Vue.js and its newest features.

This Week in React!

Website: https://this-week-in-react.org/
Creators: Philipp Spiess
Main focus: React

Brief description: If you want to follow updates on React, then this might be one of the best places. Without anything unnecessary, each issue dives into a particular React update that you need to be aware of. The latest issue covers React Docs Localizations Updates, Experimental React Flare Updates, and Experimental DevTools Updates.

Go Make Things

Website: https://gomakethings.com/articles/
Creators: Chris Ferdinandi
Main focus: JavaScript (esp vanilla)

Brief description: Chris is an author of Vanilla JS Pocket Guide, creator of Vanilla JS Academy, as well as a host of Vanilla JS Podcast (in case you’re interested in more JavaScript and React podcasts, you can see them here). Chris’s JavaScript plugins have been used by such organizations like Harvard Business School and Apple. Chris has also taught at Boston Globe and Chobani. Go Make Things is incredibly popular among developers: the newsletter is read every week by more than 5,000 developers. The recent posts were on common JavScript bugs, JAM Stack, creating inline and unstyled lists, etc. He also shares his advice and tips for beginners, as well as relates some of the interesting stories that happened with him on his career path (although, very rarely, mostly it’s all about JavaScript rather than Chris).

ABL The Problem Solver

Website: http://theproblemsolver.nl/TheReactNewsletter/Subscribe
Main focus: React

Brief description: To get a glimpse into past issues, I recommend going through this archive to see if that’s what you need. The Problem Solver React newsletter is basically an aggregation on all news React, including articles from various sources. For example, in the latest issue, there’s some stuff on React Hooks from Netlify, Youtube video of a conference talk from React Amsterdam from Michele Bertoli, some medium articles from a few different publications.

ES.next News

Website: http://esnextnews.com/
Twitter: @esnextnews
Creators: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer and Johannes Weber
Main focus: JavaScript

Brief description: This newsletter is also an aggregation of valuable resources, events, changes happening in the JavaScript community. The curators are pretty well known in the community: Alex Rauschmayer is an author of several books on JavaScript, and Johannes Weber is an event handler of Angular and React conferences in Munich.

Thanks again to Scott Tolinski for asking the right question, and Dmitri Zudochkin for contributing to the community.

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