Alexandr C.

Alexandr C.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

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Russian Federation

Alexandr is a Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect. He likes good teams with people smarter than him, clean code, good architecture, reasonable solutions, modern technologies, challenges and thinking before doing. He always pays attention to the architecture, code flexibility, maintainability and long-term effects of every taken decision. He strives to follow all best practices/patterns/principles like DDD, TDD,

SOLID, GRASP & etc in order to deliver the best possible results.


  • Javascript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • CSS


Information Technology & Services company, Remote

Lead FullStack JavaScript Developer

January 2018 to Present


  • node, TypeScript
  • NestJS
  • Angular
  • MongoDB

Projects and Responsibilities:

  • I was a lead developer on a project where we built online data science platform that helps successful businesses increase their profits by applying their data effectively and efficiently

Software development company, Remote

Lead Javascript / React Developer

December 2017 to June 2018


  • ES7+
  • Node.js
  • React (+Redux & etc.)
  • Webpack, babel

Project and Responsibilities:

  • Move from a successful Business Proof of Concept to full implementation of a new, AI-powered web development platform

Healthcare Company

Lead JavaScript Developer

June 2017 to Present


  • React, Redux, Jest, cycle-redux & etc
  • WebPack, Babel, ES7+
  • Node
  • PHP Symfony 3.x + Twig (legacy)

Project and Responsibilities:

  • Developing an advanced platform in the Health Care area. The startup is currently in the very early stage

Software Development Company, Remote

Lead Node.js Developer / Architect

December 2016 to April 2017


  • Node.js 
  • React, Redux
  • Canvas

Project and Responsibilities:

  • Design the high-level architecture;
  • Define general development patterns for the team, educate juniors;
  • Improve the dev process;
  • Transform the existing monolith node.js backend to microservices;
  • Implement new features;
  • Some DevOps (DB migrations, Logging, testing environment, CI & etc);
  • Node.js code review;
  • Take part in client-side (React, Redux, Canvas) development

Software Development Company, Remote

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect

September 2016 to December 2016


  • ES6, Babel, WebPack
  • Node
  • Angular.js
  • Canvas API, Fabric.js

Project and Responsibilities:

  • Developed the graphical editor web application from scratch;
  • Participate in product and UI/UX design;
  • design the domain model & architecture;
  • the actual implementation;
  • code-reviews;
  • planning;
  • tooling, CI and other

Computer Software Company, Remote

Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect / Tech lead

March 2016 to August 2016


  • ES.Stage0 + babel
  • WebPack
  • Node (Strongloop)
  • Angular 1.5+ (with the migration to Angular2 in mind)
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • GoogleCloud
  • A little bit of python legacy from the previous developer

Project and Responsibilities:

  • Building the CMILE web application MVP from scratch;
  • Communicate to the domain expert;
  • Write business & tech requirements;
  • Create the full technical solution docs including the client and server;
  • architecture, deployment, monitoring & etc;
  • Write the back-end and front-end code


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT)

September 2004 to July 2005

Moscow, Russian Federation

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics


Information Technology & Services Company
Information Technology & Services Company

I’m leading the development of the web app for the project building it from scratch with a team of 9 other developers.

As a Lead Developer, I was responsible for defining the style guide, application architecture, agile practices and dev workflow in general. I was also developing the reusable core and utility components as well as the most difficult feature components of the system and mentoring middle and junior developers when they needed it.

We have multiple teams developing other internal services for this project and I was interacting with them closely helping us all build the better architecture.

In parallel, I’ve developed an MVP for another project using ApolloClient + React + NestJS + Prisma. Later we decided to include its features in the application.

Technologies used:
Angular, React, MongoDB
Healthcare Company
Healthcare Company

An innovative startup in the Health Care area.

It enables better scheduling, patients history management, prescriptions management, drug store, remote consultation, symptoms analysis and many more.

As a Lead ReactJS Developer, I was responsible for converting the server-rendered client-side (PHP+Twig+JQuery) to full-featured SPA and helping other developers improve their JS skills.

Technologies used:
PHP, React, Javascript
Computer Software Company
July 2015 - January 2016
Computer Software Company
July 2015 - January 2016

As a UI Engineer, my main responsibility was building reusable UI components and the Recipe creation wizard UI (see screenshots below) and writing E2E tests with RSpec and Capybara.

Recipe creation wizard included a challenging part - an IDE-like dynamic configurable autocomplete field component with live documentation.

Technologies used:
Angular, Javascript