Lucas C.

Lucas C.

Frontend React Developer

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Lucas is a computer scientist who particularly enjoys algorithms and graduated from the best computer science university in his country. He has been working with development since his second year of college which allowed him to learn how to adapt to new technologies while keeping the fundamentals. In his free time he enjoys reading and coding some side projects.


  • Javascript
  • React
  • CSS


Information Technology Company, Brazil, Campinas

Full Stack Developer

August 2019 to Present


  • AngularJS,
  • MustacheJS,
  • JQuery,
  • JSP, 
  • Spring,
  • CSS,
  • Wiremock
  • Cucumber,
  • Java

Responsibilities: There are over 400 employees working for this client in total who are divided into many teams (10-20 people). I took part in two of these teams, the first one developed a new webpage for their website and the last one was responsible for slowly rewriting their backend using modern technologies.

My results in the first team were great since I was able to change the way they solved problems and we were able to deliver everything expected for the year a couple of weeks early. I have not been in the second team long enough to see results, since part of the project goes beyond the technical aspect and seeks to assist the client with their projects management and Scrum process.

Information Technology Company, Brazil, Campinas

Intern and Full Stack Developer

March 2014 to August 2019


  • React, Redux,
  • CSS3, HTML,
  • Node, Nginx,
  • JavaScript, Webpack
  • Java, Spring, Spring Data,
  • MySQL, AWS

Responsibilities: Developing websites, mobile applications (IOS and hybrid), and REST APIs, usually focusing on MVPs. I developed a SEO optimized website using modern technologies just as I developed new functionalities for old websites built with PHP using close to no design pattern, making each client a unique experience that demanded a different set of skills. In my last 3 years in the company I was responsible mostly for a web project since I was the most knowledgeable regarding react stack.


Computers Science Bachelor’s Degree, State University of Campinas

September 2013 to August 2018

Campinas, Brazil

Computer Engineering Degree, State University of Campinas

September 2013 to August 2017

Campinas, Brazil