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Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Posted 17.09.2019
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Our broad experience and expertise allows us to provide our clients with access to valuable resources to tap into their target audiences.

We also actively develop highly prosperous and cost-effective projects of our own and work on a range of tech-based products which have grown with market trends

What you'll do:

  • Build, maintain, and support Backend and Frontend JavaScript applications
  • Work with the development team across the world
  • Write production-ready supportable code
  • Self-test your code
  • Partner with our backend team to plan how client applications will consume data from our backend APIs


  • Proficiency with JS & ReactJs
  • Experience with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Task Runners (Gulp, Webpack)
  • CSS & CSS processors (LESS, SASS, PostCSS, Styled Components)
  • Unit Test
  • Git
  • Good knowledge of React
  • Proficiency in Node.js
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Good knowledge of SQL in general and MySQL particulary
  • Experience with ORMs like sequelize, typeorm. We use typeorm.
  • Experience working with Redis
  • Experience working with Socketio
  • Experience with Express.js
  • Good knowledge of Kafka or RabbitMQ, we use Kafka
  • Experience working with test frameworks Mocha, Chai
  • Good knowledge of Docker
  • Fluent English
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Join Our NetworkOriginal Job Post
Posted 17.09.2019