Knowledge is a power


I would like to devote this article to one of the vital principles of our team – “knowledge is a power.”
Today, when almost any economic process gets automated, the ability of constant learning and development in your professional area becomes a key surviving factor for business. To get some knowledge that would be enough for the rest of your life is probably possible somewhere at an assembly line, when you need to execute a few simple operations during your working hours. But talking about software development, stagnation is a right way to get out of the rapidly developing IT sector. It’s not a big deal to give you an example – you can simply look at the modern PHP or JavaScript  framework statistics: the things that were in trend two years ago can be absolutely out of date today. That means, you need to constantly learn expanding your knowledge and skills day by day and following the market’s trends. I hope, this idea is undoubted, so let us move on to key skills interesting in our business:

  1. Fluent English. We realize how promising the international market seems to us. That’s why fluent English is a must. Language needs everyday practice.
    Start to read articles and watch movies in English. The best solution is to attend English classes. Nothing can compare to live communication.
  2. Programming. Here I’m talking not only about JavaScript / Node.js (our main specialization), but also about programming patterns, algorithms, their complexity index, modeling (drawing UML diagrams) and other types of activities in this area.
  3. Knowing of such databases as SQL and NoSQL.
  4. Linux administration.
  5. Knowledge of Agile, Scrum, Waterrfall.

Your knowledge is examined according to an individual schedule, which must be agreed between our manager and you. You will find examination themes here.
The first vital target for a developer belonging to our team is UpWork Pro. Entering this category we can expect new much more interesting and well-paid orders.
If our basic themes prepared for new developers are things that you know pretty well, you can go further and select something according to your preferences. You can choose a book, lessons or home-based development. The main thing is that we could have a chance to see your results. Having this goal in mind we offer you to demonstrate your presentations on what you’ve learnt to us. For example, if you chose to attend English classes, your teacher’s recommendation will be enough for us.


We are ready to refund, fully or partly, all of your learning materials or classes, if they correspond to our business goals.
Our team members, who will acquire new knowledge, will have a great chance to put it into practice, have extra financial benefits for their work and have greater income.

We are ready to refund about 10,000 RUR monthly on a developer’s learning. Every case will be discussed individually.
We are ready to give you 4 working hours weekly on your education, but you need to negotiate this aspect well in advance with our manager.
Only those of our team members who have been hired and joined our staff, as well as have acquired good reputation in our company, can count on education refunding.

Moreover, our team will need new professionals with great knowledge specializing in various areas. We will be looking for:

  1. UI designers and developers.
  2. Developers of mobile apps on IOS, Android.
  3. Software architects.
  4. Machine learning developers.
  5. Software testers.
  6. Authors and editors.
  7. SEO experts.
  8. HR specialists.

Thank you for your attention!

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