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Hey all! This publication will touch upon various aspects related to your daily schedule.
We’ve set flexible workday beginning in our team and are open to remote work. However, certain rules need to be kept for the reason that successful business requires stability. Imagine you are one of the best experts in your area. But if your productivity looks more like earthquake activity, there will be no fruitful cooperation.

Let us set up the margin of right and wrong:

1. Is it possible to begin your workday at 11:00 – 12:00am?
Sure, if it does not bother your client. Sometimes similar schedule can be even convenient for a customer, if there is a time gap of 8-9 hours. But you should realize that your workday, including your lunch break, will end at as late as 20:00 – 21:00 pm. Think carefully before choosing this workday schedule for yourself.

2. Is distance work possible?
Yes, with the same working hours as at the office. Remember that this variant is good for self-organized people for home environment favors to have a rest rather than work productively. And if you feel like self-control is not your strong point, better reject this idea and do not spoil your relationship with colleagues.

3. How should I inform on any schedule change?
Write your message in a chat (we’ve got our team chat in Skype). Inform your co-workers as early as possible, a couple of days in advance. Here you can also inform on your decision to work from home, but do it in advance, too. Moreover, you should inform your project manager on any schedule change.

Let us look at some questionable options to change your working schedule, which are not welcomed by us:

1. Is it possible to sacrifice my lunch time in order to finish my workday earlier?
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Whenever I hear this question, I always wonder whether a person is interested in our cooperation. I guess, you can easily pass out without any food. Moreover, a worker vitally needs some break for better concentration and productivity.

2. If I get everything done just within 6 hours, why do I have to wait till my workday is over?
Well, it makes sense to me. But hurrying up can cause mistakes. Moreover, being at the office during your working hours you not only do your work, but also is always there to help your colleagues. You can contact your project manager and get extra tasks. We will always find some work for you. And if you are that productive indeed, it will be fair to ask your manager to get paid more. We are always interested in keeping loyal and productive workers in our team.

3. Is it possible to finish my working hours on weekend?
Yes, it is, but only if you’ve got a viable reason. If you need to finish your workday earlier, isn’t it better to start your work earlier, too, and not to postpone your working hours on weekend, when it doesn’t feel like working?
Working hours finished by you on weekend without prior agreement with your manager won’t be included. We will consider only your working hours on weekdays. The only exception is a force majeure situation.

4. I got sick. Is it possible to work based at home?
Better take a sick day. We are not sadists. Your health is far more important than any tasks, unless it is just ordinary instamatic flu 🙂

5. Flexible workday schedule many students and freelance workers usually ask for is not our case at all.

It is rather challenging to get used to an individual schedule of every team member. It is no good for our communication, deadlines, while developers get tempted to work not in their full force. Our experience shows, the best way to get maximum effectiveness from our personnel is to have them working in the office.

Thank you for your attention!

We are looking forward to meeting you on our website soshace.com

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