Git – Recommendations for “Soshace” Team


The first three chapters are to be studied inside and out!

The main things that I would like to draw your attention to:
1) The commit should exactly match the name. And the title should make clear what exactly you’ve pushed.
2) A good commit should fit the screen, one does not have to scroll it for too long to understand what you have done.
3) We regularly review the code. Follow the first two paragraphs, and your colleague won’t have to spend the whole day trying to understand what the commit is about.
4) What is bad about large commits? If there is an error in one of the changes, and the commit is to be rolled back, all changes will be rolled back, instead of one.
5) If you work in a team, download changes from the main thread at least once a day. The longer you wait, the more conflicts you have to resolve.
6) All commits are to be uploaded before the end of the day, no matter whether you have finished your work or not. If necessary, create a separate thread. If you are unavailable the next day for some reason, the team should be able to continue your work.
7) For any work that you are performing as a part of our team (if the customer does not have his own repository), you have to create a repository in our group at github.
8) For convenience of working in the command line with git, use aliases.

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